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Bill printing and electronic
presentation and payment services 

1050 O'Neill Drive , Hebron, Ohio, 43025, United States

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About SmartBill

About SmartBill


SmartBill, founded in 2001, is a full-service bill print and electronic presentment and payment services company with the staff, facilities, and technology infrastructure to rival the largest and most established companies in the industry. Instead of a “grow as you go” philosophy, SmartBill’s founders, including Robin Hess, who ran output services for Bank One (now Chase Bank), deliberately chose to offer customers, from day one, the industry’s most sophisticated range of output services and unmatched customer service.


Today, the SmartBill team has over 100 years of combined experience in bill print and output services, including nearly 40 years of experience in the leading enterprise document management software, as well as vast experience in print, sort, and mail technology. We design, print, and mail over 1.5 million statements and invoices a month and provide online bill presentment and payment services through SmartBill Online for commercial accounts, health care companies, utilities, and government organizations across the Midwest.


We’re one of the fastest growing output services in the Midwest because we offer customers the unique combination of the latest print, postal and electronic bill-pay technology with an unrelenting focus on driving down their costs through continuous improvement.

SmartBill operates out of a 76,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art printing and mailing facility in Central Ohio.




Printing & Mailing Services

SmartBill offers the full range of black-and white and color printing technology, and document formatting and dynamic content capabilities. We also feature the industry’s most sophisticated, intelligent inserting, postal coding and scripting services.
SmartBill Online

SmartBill makes it easy for your customers to view and pay their bills online. Give your customers the convenience and flexibility to manage their accounts 24/7 and slash the costs associated with traditional print and mail statement production.
Software Integration

SmartBill integrates with popular billing and accounts-receivable software packages used by many commercial enterprises and utilities across America. That makes it easy for companies to take full advantage of SmartBill document formatting and dynamic content capabilities.

SmartBill Lockbox

SmartBill partners with US Bank, the fourth largest bank in the country, and Magic-Wrighter, a leading provider of electronic payment services, to provide online bill pay services, lower-cost retail lockbox services, nationwide coverage, and faster check processing and payment.

Document Processing

SmartBill provides sophisticated and cost-effective outsourced data handling and formatting services for businesses that operate their own printers and inserters.


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SmartBill saves clients tens of thousands of dollars every year on billing and mailing expenses.
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SmartBill makes it easy to create any type of customized communication, regardless of document type, variable content, or delivery channel.
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With SmartBill Online, you can reduce your printing and mailing costs, improve customer service, and lower customer service costs.
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SmartBill can integrate with virtually any accounts-receivable software to create completely customized statements and invoices.
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10 retail lockbox sites nationwide save you time over other lockbox and payment services that offer more limited geographical coverage.
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Use SmartBill Online’s electronic presentment and payment services for cost-effective way for your customers to get their bills electronically.
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SmartBill takes cost containment so seriously. We’re continually making technology and operational improvements to drive down our costs and share the savings with you.
Stringent HIPPA-Compliant Data Security Provisions | SmartBi...
We apply the same level of HIPPA-compliant data security provisions to all SmartBill clients.
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SmartBill is a full-service bill print and electronic presentment and payment services company with the staff, facilities, and infrastructure to rival the largest companies in the industry.
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SmartBill is committed to providing the clearest and most transparent billing in the industry, so you know exactly what you are paying for.
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SmartBill works with the leading document creation, printing and mailing technologies available today.

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