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Started in 1993, STOKER CONCAST has come a long way since then. The company that had originated as a manufacturer of simple horizontal continuous casting machines has now metamorphosed into a company whose strength lies in its innovative technological approach and constant upgradation of its designs and products with users across the globe.STOKER CONCAST technology is reliable, economic & simple to adopt for production of rods & tubes of copper & copper based alloys. Stoker Concast has become an established name in the field of continuous casting. The company is committed to technical innovation and continual research to provide its users with the benefits of the latest engineering developments based human machine interface.

Quality, above all, is a prime factor behind the success of Stoker Concast and for adherence of the same, every thing starting from raw material to The end product passes through strict quality control measures under the supervision of most qualified & experienced staff resulting in a growing list of satisfied customers, The most valuable asset of Stoker Concast. This website is only an effort to reach you customers. Any suggestion coming from your side for further enhancement is always welcome.

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