Sheri Bly

Sheri Bly

Sales Representative Teamed Rep


About Me

An experienced marketer of medical equipment, Sheri Bly currently works as a teamed sales representative in the Dallas offices of Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical device companies. Sheri Bly has earned many awards from Medtronic, including the Fiscal Year 2013 President’s Club Teamed Rep Award and the Fiscal Year 2013 Sales Excellence Award.

Before joining Medtronic, Bly worked at Volcano Corporation of Grapevine, Texas, where she expanded the company’s market share and revenue from its disposable Intravascular Ultrasound and Fractional Flow Reserve products. Her work brought her into frequent contact with clinical specialists, such as cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, and radiologists, during medical procedures. By understanding the needs of the products’ end users, she helped define specifications for Volcano’s products and exceeded sales targets in some areas by as much as 263 percent.

Sheri Bly’s previous experience includes a stint at Cordis Cardiology, where she sold products to laboratories doing cardiac catheterization procedures. Her territorial responsibilities covered the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as west Texas and southern Oklahoma.


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