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Shaun Thompson

Clinical Consultant Hypnotherapist
It's all in the mind

M33 5HT, United Kingdom

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About Shaun Thompson

Who am I /?. I or maybe who is I, I am Shaun Leslie Charles Thompson, the son of my parents, and an energy powered by my will.
I am a mature male, a farther and grandfather, I live in Sale Cheshire with my wife and son, I am the youngest of seven children, and as a three year old I lost my farther to Tuberculosis and Emphysema, So I know what the school of hard knocks is all about. I am a fifty three year on this planet, and pleased to say I am still learning. I enjoy time out on my motorcycle, or just sitting somewhere nice and quiet, like a river bank.

My personality is sometimes impulsive, and very analytical. I am mostly a very positive happy person, and like others I can be a little low in mood at times. I have been a practicing martial arts student and instructor for over 23½ years, I enjoy teaching and watching people's confidence grow weekly. I am a person who likes a challenge, and if you could see the work I have done in my home, well it has on occasions looked like s building site, I'll say no more on that.

My Professional side is simply I care about my fellow human beings; I have empathy and understanding from my experiences in life! I first started my education in people's recovery I suppose, when I enrolled in martial arts so long ago, with my two sons, who were just six and nine years old then, my how time flies. I have trained in many therapies, why I hear some of you say, well if you are going to do battle, make sure your well armed? The most important training I did, was with Dr Richard Bundler, Paul McKenna, & Michael Breen, this was for my NLP masters. I have worked in several establishments over the years, some purely to gain knowledge, these were for the NHS in the UK, in mental health, and I feel too many people are left too long without help or seeking help and this is why so many people are in these hospitals. I feel many admissions could be avoided with early intervention of therapist like me. I have also worked as a volunteer therapist for the NHS with Heroin and cocaine users ect, this I did for 2½ years, also volunteered for the National Phobic's Society for 3 years. I am now working at building a mobile therapy practice, or an online cyber clinic, where people can pay by PayPal, and have phone or online therapy, soon to be with my webcam.



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Your first step
A site for your perusal, information to read, testimonials to read. If you want to change, why wait for months or years to see a NHS specialist. A phobia can be desolved in one session, you could recover your taste or smell as others have, you can stop smoking or lose weight, or both. You have a mind, and I can help you make the changes you want to make to have a better life. Do not be nervous about change, step out of your comfort zone for a while and make changes.
A site for sore minds
Your first step to recovery.
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