Sharon Duyzend

Sharon Duyzend

Retired Microbiologist and Arts Aficionado

Roosevelt Hospital


About Me

Throughout her career in microbiology, Sharon Duyzend investigated the complex effects of microorganisms on the human body. As an undergraduate, she majored in microbiology and minored in chemistry at Iowa State University, where she received her bachelor of science in 1974. Shortly thereafter, Sharon Duyzend accepted her first professional position with Chicago's Roosevelt Hospital, where she served for two years. She then joined the staff of Northwestern Medical Center, where she continued to study medically relevant microflora.

Now retired, Sharon Duyzend pursues diverse interests in cooking, literature, and the arts. She also enjoys hiking and snowshoeing, both of which let her enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. An avid amateur cook, she uses the herbs she raises in her daily organic cooking. Ms. Duyzend is also an active member of the Women's University Club of Seattle, where she participates in varied educational and philanthropic outreach activities. In addition, she enjoys attending performances of classical music and ballet, as well as local wine-tasting events. She reads avidly and counts The Far Pavilions and The Ladies of the Club among her favorite titles.


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