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My is name Donavin Conners. I work for a South African SEO/Web placement company called SEOLAND.

The SEOLAND Agency is an online marketing agency, offering search marketing services to web retailers. The company helps clients build affordable campaigns at Google and Yahoo, tracks the data, and then leverages it to create comprehensive online programs for long-term growth. Because the firm is a SEO boutique agency, it aims to concentrate its efforts on a smaller number of clients, taking the time to understand their business and act as partners and project leaders to help clients design track and manage online marketing campaigns. Search engine marketing campaigns may include pay-per-click, paid inclusions, organic search engine optimization, contextual and behavioral marketing and display media.

Seoland Internet Marketing helps local and international web retailer’s reach online searchers and convert them into off-line and on-line customers. The company continually optimizes every online campaign based on where the best results are being realized. Seoland Internet Marketing says it covers 98% of where people search on the major search engines by identifying the keywords most likely to drive customers to the client’s web site, then using that knowledge to direct more Rands and Dollars towards the keywords generating the best results. The company tracks the effectiveness of the client’s web site through a proxy of the site that displays information unique to the campaign, such as phone number, while recording every click and call.

Seoland Corp, offer two search engine options. Seoland Search provides large retailers with a fully outsourced application that includes quick launch, ongoing weekly reviews and on-demand support. Seoland Guided Search provides any size retailer the training and resources to develop and gradually take control of their campaigns as they become proficient. Seoland Channel Advisor, provider of e-commerce channel management solutions, in fall 2010 received an additional amount in funding to accelerate tis growth. Seoland Corp has made several acquisitions over the past three years, expanding its paid search offerings and entering into the rich media segment with the acquisition of the social media company - Social-content-FX.


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Cape Town based SEO Company called SEOland. For more information please email us. Please see below

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