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The Most Unsuspicious Looking Spy Security Cameras Available Today

Spy Security Cameras that may look like an ordinary pen, an ordinary sunglasses or an ordinary wrist watch are something that we used to only see on movies like "James Bond". But today, these Surveillance Security Cameras that can appear as anything but Micro-Spy Security Cameras (to avoid suspicion) are so common that finding hem anywhere is not that surprising any longer. And the best thing about these Hidden Security Cameras is, they can resemble like ordinary stuff that you would be surprised to know that they are actually Hidden Spy Security Cameras. The smaller the camera in size is, the more portable it is and, of course, the better. Lucky for those who needed to buy Spy Video Security Cameras, these cameras have come to be smaller and smaller as years go by without having to sacrifice the quality of images they were able to capture. Now, even you can find one of the world's smallest cameras that are still capable of capturing clearer and color images. 

Therefore, what are the smallest, most unsuspicious looking cameras today, either Wireless Spy Security Cameras or Wired Spy Security Cameras? 

- Air Freshener Camera Recorder - These Surveillance Security Cameras appear and function like ordinary air freshener. Therefore, anybody would never think that aside from making the whole room fresh smelling, it can also record audio/video. The data are stored in a built-in 4GB micro SD card which you may use for later viewing. 

- Spy Camera Recorder Wall Clock - These Spy Security Cameras Types can be located on just any place you wanted since nobody will actually recognize these ordinary-looking wall clocks to be capable of recording audio/video. And similar to the air freshener spy camera mentioned above, spy camera recorder wall clock is also equipped with a 4GB micro SD card for storing data which are available for viewing anytime later. 

- Sunglasses Spy Camera - These Wireless Surveillance Security Cameras are ideal for surveillance which requires wireless cameras. These Wireless Security Cameras Types can do clear color video recording due to its 1.3 Mega pixels pinhole cameras. Its batteries can last up to 5 hours audio and video recording. By simply wearing the glasses and nonchalantly looking at the direction of your focus, recording is made convenient. 

- Spy Cameras Wrist Watch - If wearing sunglasses spy cameras would be a little too much like when you are to do surveillance indoor then the next best option is these Wireless Spy Security Cameras that appear like an ordinary wrist watch. For the buyer's convenience, this spy camera comes with a solar charger and a USB port. 

- Digital Video Camcorder Spy Pen - These types are ideal if you want something that's really handy. You can leave this spy pen anywhere you wanted or you can carry it around with you without causing much suspicion. These Security Cameras Types are great tools in making surveillance an easy task. 

The many Spy Security Cameras Options do not stop here. There are still a lot to choose from. Try searching for them on the Internet and you will be amazed on how varied they types of Security Cameras are. 

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