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Searle Chiropractic Clinic


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Residents of Launceston, Tasmania are welcome to attend the Searle Chiropractic Clinic where Paul and Rose treat patients that are suffering with neck problems, back pain, regular headaches and a variety of other ailments including pain in the arms and the legs, shoulder pain, thoracic spine and rib pain, and sciatica.

If you suffer from regular headaches, which can come about as a result of pain that occurs within any region in the head or in the neck, you should consult a specialist for help. For residents of Launceston, Tasmania, it is recommended that they visit Searle Chiropractic Clinic on Cypress Street.


About the company

Any joint in the body may develop some kind of problem that is amenable to professional chiropractic care. But there are many other conditions that can also be helped by the professional chiropractic clinic in Launceston, TAS, such as leg and arm pain, shoulder pain, referred pain, foot, knee, and hip pain. 

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(03) 6331 8898


1 Cypress St, Launceston, TAS 7250