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Entrepreneur and philanthropist Scott Tom is a highly experienced professional with an extensive record of improving company operations. As Executive Co-Founder of a software development and client service provider firm in Seoul, Scott Tom advances operational results through effective product development, solid corporate budget management, vigilant client support, and strategic expansion. Scott Tom’s considerable experience has generated growth, profitability, and customer service results in every area of business in which he serves.

Boasting a degree in Finance, Business Administration, and Management, Scott Tom exhibits an authoritative industry dexterity that has allowed him to operate his business in six different countries. Scott Tom’s effectual management and leadership skills have cultivated a staff of more than 500 employees.

Apart from his professional duties, Scott Tom possesses a strong affinity toward philanthropy, and has conducted several community service projects and charity events both locally and abroad. Tom orchestrated the Lakeshore Golf Open, a major charity golf event that raised funds for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and coordinated various neighborhood vehicle donation events for the Donate Cars to Charity program in Seattle. Scott Tom’s generous philanthropic efforts have been an integral force behind many vital nationwide human service organizations and programs, including the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind, Volunteers of America, the American Red Cross, and the American Diabetes Association. Aside from personal volunteer duties, Scott Tom’s substantial financial contributions have assisted the housing and healthcare needs of countless individuals and families.

A keen athlete and Scuba Diver, Scott Tom maintains an active lifestyle by deep-sea fishing, hunting, kayaking, and playing baseball.

Scott Tom is a current resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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