Scott Ellis Teva

Scott Ellis Teva

Assoc. Director, Marketing

Teva Pharmaceuticals                                             


About Me

Over the past two decades, Scott Ellis has held a variety of positions in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. Beginning his career with Merck & Co., he subsequently guided brand marketing campaigns with AstraZeneca in Delaware. As product director with Georgia-headquartered UCB, Inc., from 2006 to 2010, Scott Ellis managed the launch of a major brand. He joined Teva Pharmaceuticals as associate director of marketing in 2011, with a focus on launching the waterless allergy spray product QNASL.

Over the past four years, Ellis was involved with strategy development, brand naming, product forecasting, positioning, messaging at Teva and also helped the global team develop robust worldwide markets for QNASL while in new products planning. Having achieved the DTC National Advertising Award for best consumer ad, he has provided essential support in marketing and launch strategies for respiratory products. His range of knowledge extends from physician and managed markets marketing to the consumer and digital marketing spheres. Outside of work, Ellis enjoys reading, working out and playing tennis. 


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