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satya be
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satya be


57475, Indonesia

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About satya be

Like a pearl in deep sea,it won’t be coming up itself, acknowledge need to dig to be here in our mind.Visiting this our web we create together with my beloved husband is our home in this site.We will also entering the other sites where we ussually meet, and we will meet in one brotherhood.


This is like a home for our new life you can visit every time you want.For sure we apology to all of you because we just can give a simple provides here,but its a starting.Next time we will improve what we’ve got here.


Long life searching in this life is like a miracle while we found something beautiful and amazing,not only for myself but hopely for the peoples around us.”What a wonderful world…!!”, i said when i saw my husband painting on his canvas.

I can see how enjoy his mind on his beautiful imagine,his gentle hands applying alot of colors to create a paints.


Will he brings his beautiful minds to be here..? Not sure he will,because everybody has got their own talents,but we all created with our own speciality.We may see something beautiful in our own proportion and opinion then we different to express it too.It may on canvas as a painting, on a book as writings,or on music.


Wishing to be a human with a beautiful mind,wise in every habits, and giving an advantages for living.Shamely i can’t easily learn COREL DRAW x3 portable then try to create this simple pict.


“dooh..seru sorone yaah, tapi kudu sabar holong ..” , i said in my local language.I recall my mind that a pearl can’t easily coming up without searching,it could be my spirit to learn something.However i have no acknowledge much about painting but an interesting more than acknowledge attract me to do this paints.Brain will be dull if we never honing sharply before we are getting old and senility comes.Keep searching and learning everything and be humble person.

By this our site i hope i can write, share, received and got somethings needed.I am still learning anyway.

Kindly,for the IT experts out there would be teach me their acknowledge with me.It would be my honour and my thanks to them. i'm here with my husband

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browse the freedom to rotate about the beauty of art
in this world nothing is not difficult and no one else in this world that is not possible, I create beauty from deep within the dig intuition and instinct for free without restriction of media. beautiful that is beautiful
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