Sage Sepahi

Sage Sepahi


About Me

As chief legal counsel of Sepahi Law Group APC, Sage heads the prosecution and defense of all clients’ matters. He routinely handles complex commercial transactions and litigation wherein strategy, intellectual rigor and stamina are utilized to advance his clients’ interests. Sage also represents clients in the prosecution and defense of civil rights and employment matters, as well as matters involving administrative rights and law. Clients often come to Sage for a solution-oriented approach and many of his clients are refugees of other law firms and attorneys who were unable to achieve their clients’ objectives, either from a business perspective or at trial. As a trial attorney, Mr. Sepahi has prosecuted and defended multi-million dollar claims and has successfully litigated against some of the largest corporations in America.

About the company

Sepahi Law Group APC is a full-service business law firm that can represent your company on transactional matters as well as in business and employment litigation. Our firm aims to do more than just provide top-notch legal representation. We want to help your business succeed in achieving its goals, in protecting its interests and in growing and thriving in a competitive economic marketplace.At Sepahi Law Group APC, we work hard to develop long-term relationships and even partnerships with our business clients. We are the go-to source for legal advice and information for those we represent, and our goal is to ensure we always keep your trust by communicating regularly, empowering your business to make the right choices and protecting your legal interests. 

Contact Information

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