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Creating a safe work method statement
Creating a safe work

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Safe Work Method Statement: being aware of what a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is

Many people who aren't knowledgeable about SWMS or perhaps safe work method statements and a JSA or perhaps Job Safety Analysis usually end up confusing one with the other. However, even though both an SWMS and also a JSA discusses different types of hazards in the workplace, they're totally different from each other. So, just what is a JSA or Job Safety Analysis? 


A Job Safety Analysis or (JSA) is a comprehensive summary of the risks associated for a specific job or perhaps undertaking in the worksite. Besides providing information on the potential risks, a JSA also offers information on how those risks could be prevented or perhaps moderated. Job Safety Analysis is an essential process simply because it could actually help reduce the hazards found within businesses as well as work site. In addition to that, it can also help improve the general working conditions by which employees are exposed to. Usually, individuals who are appointed to undertake the job of conducting a Job Safety Analysis should carry out these:

- Create a document that sets out every single methods necessary to complete the job or perhaps task
- Traces the corresponding hazards involved with all those methods and also devise control measures for them
- Determine different ways to eradicate these types of dangers or set the risks as low as possible

A Job Safety Analysis is important for the companies as well as workers. Companies that ignore or fail to implement the necessary safety precautions at work risk getting their personnel hurt or even even worse murdered whilst on the job. These kinds of accidents and deaths can expose a company to a lot of poor publicity and also legal issues. Companies as well as employers will surely end up subjecting their workers to numerous likely risk when they allow them to perform duties without providing the necessary trainings first. The best way for everybody, business employers and employees, to avoid all the feasible dangers on the job is to have a job safety analysis conducted for many of the high-risk tasks as well as activities. 

A Job Safety Analysis has three (3) main components and they are:

- Very simple Steps-this includes the step by step procedures for each and every activity involved
- Risks-this outlines the potential health risks which are involved for each step or perhaps phase of the work
- Processes-step by step directions about how the task can be carried out in a effective and safe method. And also this includes information on how to handle the necessary tools


SWMS or a Safe Work Method Statement is very closely comparable to a Job Safety Analysis only that it is a document that's prescribed for most construction work/task that's deemed to be unsafe or “high-risk”. 

Safe work method statements are generally aimed to:

- Recognize construction work that's considered to be “high-risk”
- Determine the hazards that a particular construction activity has got to one's safety and health
- Provide a thorough description of steps to manage the aforementioned risks as well as
- Identify the means by which the recommended risk control steps can be successfully applied

Creating a safe work method statement generally falls under the obligation of the primary contractor or perhaps boss. Then again, there are actually businesses that now provide pre made safe work method statement templates. 

If you'd like to know what the difference between a JSA and an SWMS happens to be, check out this website for additional information. 

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