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2000, Australia

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Becoming familiar with the basics involving SWMS

An SWMS or perhaps Safe Work Method Statements is a legitimate document which outlines or contains each of the responsibilities that staff or perhaps workers need to do in accordance to his/her job description. This document offers answers regarding how a certain job ought to be carried out so as to ensure a great job. Moreover, it will also feature instructions on safety precautions that need to be practiced on the job.

Safe Work Method Statements are made for individuals whose work subjects or exposes them to several workplace hazards. Those who are working in the construction, mechanical, electronics and car marketplace and also other jobs which require the utilization and operation of large tools and machinery must be assured of safety in the workplace. It's simply possible if they follow or even abide by particular regulations that are meant to enable them to perform their very own duties in a secure as well as efficient manner.

Safe Work Method Statements or SWMS was established to help employees. Personnel won't have the ability to execute their work securely and properly if they are not taught about the safety procedures in the workplace. Below are some of the reasons why Safe Work Method Statements are needed at work.

Lessens The Risk Of LEGAL Responsibility

A company or business is held responsible for any mishaps or even personal injury which a staff member or personnel acquires because of the lack of safe work procedures or inappropriate performance of jobs by the worker.


Whenever an employee gets harmed or even injured whilst doing the job, this can at some point slow down or hamper particular operations on the job. When disturbances on particular procedures in the workplace occur, this can lead to lesser or diminished productivity by the employees.

Helps prevent BANKRUPTCY

 Law suits, particularly those which have a huge possibility of succeeding, can cripple the organization financially. Large losses because of this kind of lawsuits can certainly make a business bankrupt.


The SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement is generally prepared by the boss, operations manager or perhaps a professional. Yet, in a few situations, Safe Work Method Statements ought to be organized under the recommendation of an experienced advisor. There is a related Safe Work Method Statements for various job titles as well as responsibilities at work. It is the company’s responsibility to adhere to as well as carry out these principles on the job. In addition to that, they must also instruct their own employees on occupational health and safety procedures on the job.


An SWMS generally includes these information:

*    Outline of the various tasks done in the organization

*    I . d . of individuals who are assigned for a certain task or even responsibility

*    Recognition of the possible hazards as well as problems that come with each and every activity

*    Step-by-step processes on how certain jobs ought to be done

*    Safety measures that needs to be regarded in reaction to a problem encountered on the job.

*    Approval of the Safe Work Method Statements by the Senior Manager.

If you wish to acquire more information on how the SWMS or Safe Work Method Statements function, check out the SWMS website right now.

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