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Safe Work Method Statement


Australia, Sydney, 2000

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Safe Work Method Statement: common mistakes when it comes to risk assessment

One of the guiding principles behind the creation of the Safe Work Method Statement or SWMS will involve preventing accidents and deaths in the workplace. To create an effective method statement building contractors and site supervisors ought to first conduct a detailed risk assessment of the work place before beginning any kind of work or activity. Risk assessment plays a major role in preventing accidents in the workplace and they are generally required in just about all industries. 

Risk analysis is generally described as analyzing the health and safety risks involved with a certain work or perhaps activity at work which has a strong impact on the workers. Risk assessment basically involves evaluating all areas or perhaps facets of the work/activity. It pinpoints all hazards that can cause harm to employees and evaluates whether or not such hazards can be eradicated. Risk assessments provide preventive and protective measures when it comes to risks that can't be eliminated. 

The primary purpose of doing a risk evaluation is to allow the employer or the contractors to take action immediately regarding ensuring the safety and health of their staff. But, you have to keep in mind that such as everything else, risk assessments are not 100 % free from errors. In fact, there are numerous errors or perhaps blunders made by all companies as well as organizations when conducting risk assessments. 


Employers and contractors ought to practice caution if preparing a risk assessment. It is necessary that they take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of their staff. Planning a risk examination involves:

Commissioning, preparing and coordinating
Appointing competent personnel to conduct the evaluation
Consulting worker’s reps with regards to the preparations about the appointment of people that will perform the evaluations. This can include training, resources, time and help needed by the assessors employed by the business.
Make certain there's sufficient cooperation between the assessors
Involving the administration and motivating employees to participate

Typical Mistakes in Risk Assessment

1. Excluding employees with experience or understanding of the process/activity in examination

One of the most common errors companies make in terms of risk checks will be not including the workers or perhaps their representatives with the planning stage. Companies needs to keep in mind that these people can offer a great deal of useful information regarding the procedure or activity currently being evaluated. 

2. Appointing the risk examination to a significantly less competent person

The company may have appointed or given the duty of risk evaluation to an individual or perhaps persons who lack the understanding as well as abilities to do it. If you cannot find a qualified person within your organization, you can employ a professional coming from Occupational Safety instead. 

3. Employing professionals who do not know the business to do the risk evaluation

Most of the time, you will need to instruct professionals about particular business details whenever you get them to carry out the risk assessment for you. This is not only time consuming but because the experts aren't highly trained in the business you're in, they're likely to overlook on some essential particulars. 

It is very important for the risk assessment to be conducted successfully in order to make a comprehensive safe work method statement. 

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