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Safe Work Method Statement

Hazards in the workplace

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Will we need an SWMS?

In whatever field of employment we're in, we cannot evade the reality that catastrophes could happen anytime particularly if we are not careful. That is why we need to be informed as well as educated on how to perform our own jobs in the best and the most secure way possible. Because of this, companies as well as employers should prepare an SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement to ensure the safety and security of their own personnel while they are carrying out harmful or “high-risk” tasks. However, just what is a Safe Work Method Statement about? Just why is it essential? This article will try and address all these queries and supply more information about the topic at hand, so read on to find out more.


You may not realize it at this point but organizing an SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement for your business is important because it gives plenty of benefits not only for the companies but for your personnel at the same time. Simply speaking, a Method Statement attempts to accomplish the following:

Offer an outline of safe work methods intended for a specific job or even process
Provide an introduction document that all workers must read through as well as fully understand before they are allowed to perform any activity. 
Fulfill legal specifications like recognition of potential hazards in the workplace and the control measures in order to combat them.
To guarantee quality of work accomplished by personnel

Since we simply cannot prevent and also anticipate accidents out of happening at work, organizing a Safe Work Method Statement will help us learn how we are able to perform our job with minimal potential hazards concerned. We can safely claim that this document really encourages both hiring managers and staff to observe safety in the workplace. 

Making AN SWMS

In planning an SWMS or even Safe Work Method Statement for use on your business, it is crucial to create these in clear language. Virtually all methods stated within the document must be very easy to understand by just about all workers even those that have very low literacy/ numeracy skills. Keep in mind that a Method Statement is created to assist workers as they carry out their own duties, and thus writing a document full of big, difficult terms will be tough to digest for workers with very low reading and writing levels. This is why it is very important to create your Method Statements in a language that is easy to understand; put simply, plain english. 

Before you begin composing your SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement, make sure to seek advice from your workers or staff who'll be utilizing them. Should they have ideas in regards to the process they do, it will be best if you consider them since they know the work much better than you actually do. They may be able to provide a idea on how the task can be performed safely and effectively. Employees are usually more willing to abide by guidelines concerning safety procedures especially if these were granted a hand for planning as well as writing them.

By taking chance to make a comprehensive safety management system for your company, you will be able to save a lot of time and cash as such. These will eventually reap even bigger and much better earnings for the business too. 

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