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What High-Risk Construction Work Is In A Safe Work Method Statement

Safe work method statements for high risk construction work are simply written documents that are designed to ensure safety in the workplace. These written documents allows supervisors, workers, as well as other professionals to understand the requirements that are established to perform the high risk construction work in a safe manner. This document also sets out the tasks in logical sequences and identifies the hazards and describes the safety control measures that are to be followed.

We mentioned earlier that the construction workers are to carry out high-risk work. However, what are these high risk tasks? In a safe work method statement for construction work, the high risk works that are carried out by construction workers include the risks of a person from falling from a 2-meter height, the risks of carrying out tasks in a telecom tower, the risks in the demolition of an element of a structure, and the risks involving the use of asbestos.

Also, high risk construction works include the risk in structural alterations or repairs that will need temporary support, the risk involved in carrying out tasks near a restricted space, the risks in performing work in or near a shaft or a tunnel, the risks in working in a tunnel, as well as the risks in using harmful items such as explosives. Construction workers also are exposed to the risks when they are near pressurized gas distribution mains, or if they're near hazardous chemicals, and if they are near energized electrical installations and services.

High-risk construction works also include those risks when the workers are performing their tasks in an area that has been contaminated or if the construction work involves pre-cast concrete or if there is movement of power plants in the workplace. 

These are all of the risks involved in construction works. Employers must never forget that any of these high risk tasks should not be done if there is no safe work method statement prepared. They have to be sure that the work method statement they prepare will address all these risks to keep construction workers safe while performing their tasks. They must implement the SWMS so that construction workers will be totally safe. A written SWMS will only be useless if it is not going to be implemented. Plus, it's not enough that the document is implemented. Employers must make sure that the construction workers follow everything that is written in the document. They can review and revise the document if need be.

It cannot be denied that a Safe Work Method Statement is essential in construction to ensure that none of the construction workers will be involved in a serious injury or the company will not lose any of their workers. In preparing an effective SWMS, employers should know all these risks. To learn how to write such document, just click this link to visit the website of Occupational Safety Solutions.

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work method statement

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