Ryan Soper

Ryan Soper

Head Closer

Deal Closers International


About Me

One of the toughest challenges in any company is connecting with the market that needs your product. Without sales the greatest products or ideas disappears like they never existed. Ryan Soper always knew that the missing link in business was finding the clients and getting the sale that would let fledgling companies grow into the industry powerhouse they were meant to be. Ryan's enthusiasm for introducing customers to new companies and new technologies led him to found RWC Group. As President and the Chief Sales Officer he grew the company portfolio by focusing on IT support, CRM, VOIP infrastructure and applications to help businesses to cut operating costs, improve their operations and grow sales.

As a sales consultant and champion for many products and many industries. Ryan's work with Wendy's and the Arbys Group brought him into the core of the Quick Serve Restaurant industry and other clients like Aritzia Clothing only deepened the retail experience. His fearless approach to sales excellence has pulled him into diverse areas like security, high tech, seminars and online businesses and he has tackled each with that same desire to find the path to growth and success.

Through out his sales career he has always recognized the power of great relationships supported by excellent processes and tools and has worked to create those powerful connections for my clients and for their businesses.


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304, 1640 16 Avenue N.W.