Rutherford Johnson

Rutherford Johnson

Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Southwest

Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church, Religion 

About Me

Scholar, educator, and economics consultant Rutherford Johnson has published numerous writings in academic journals. Most recently, the Research in Business and Economics Journal published his article, “The Choice Wave: An Alternative Description of Consumer Behavior.” He has also been featured in the Review of Religion, Economics, and Culture, the Journal of Academics Ethics, and the Journal of Religion and Business Ethics. Rutherford Johnson also presents his studies at conferences and seminars, including the American Economics Association’s annual meeting, the Kentucky Economics Association Conference, and the Food Distribution Research Society Conference. 

Rutherford Johnson began his post-secondary studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics. He continued his studies at the Institute, earning a Master of Science in Economics while maintaining membership with Omicron Delta Epsilon, the honor society for economics scholars. Immediately after, Johnson enrolled in the University of Kentucky, where he focused his graduate research on agricultural economics and earned a Ph.D. After graduation, Johnson maintained a commitment to academic research and traveled to Korea, where he became an Assistant Professor of Economics at SolBridge International School of Business, teaching international policy, economics, and mathematics while conducting independent research. 

Presently, Johnson serves as an Economic Analyst for the Anglo-Catholic News Service, and a Public Affairs and Social Media Specialist for the Anglo-Catholic Archdiocese of the Southwest. He continues to conduct research, with an interest in global market interaction, environmental issues, market effects of health information, and the ethics of employee evaluations. He has consulting experience with private, nonprofit, and public institutions across numerous industries. Rutherford Johnson is multi-lingual, with proficiency in Italian, French, German, Korean, and Spanish. 

In his free time, Rutherford Johnson maintains memberships with the National Debutante Cotillion, the Preservation Society of Newport County, and the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.


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