Russell Friedman

Russell Friedman

Founding Partner

The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP


About Me

With more than 30 years of experience behind him, Attorney Russell Friedman brings a wealth of seasoned insight to The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP. We are proud to be led by a dedicated attorney who has dedicated his career to protecting wronged individuals throughout New York. He is particularly well-versed with matters involving no-fault claims. Throughout the course of his career, he has represented countless hospitals and health care providers who have experienced difficulties when trying to collect on billing for the treatment of auto-accident related injuries. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of this area of the law, our team of New York attorneys can handle cases requiring collection, arbitration or litigation for no-fault claims. 


About the company

The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP is a law firm that serves clients throughout New York, including Lake Success and Rochester. Our team of New York lawyers is led by Attorney Russell, who has more than 30 years of experience.

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