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Ruby Dipietro


United States

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After some time the air conditioner you have been using may start to blow warm air or in fact not perform to the optimal level. Sometimes this happens when you replace a component or the refrigerant is low. Many owners of air conditioning units tend to buy new ones as they are not aware of the fact that they can easily learn about air conditioner recharge. They need to get a refrigerant kit and study air conditioner recharge from the instruction manual that comes with the unit. It is far more cost effective and easy to learn. The processes of air conditioner recharge can help increase the life span of your air conditioner. The very first step you need to take for air conditioner recharge is to thoroughly read the instruction manual. The purpose of reading the manual is simple. You need to establish what the requisites of recharging are, which kind of refrigerant should be used and if it is DIY with your air conditioner or you would require professional help. If the instruction manual has clearly pointed out steps that allow the owner to recharge the refrigerant himself, then you can perform the task on your own. On the other hand if the instruction manual warns you not to do it, then it is highly recommended that you hire the services of repairmen. There are typically three scenarios in which the need of recharging the refrigerant arises. These are: Capillary tube systems where there is not enough cooling: In this scenario your first step would be to switch off compressor that comes in all air conditioners. After doing so you need to affix the refrigerant cylinder onto the hose in the centre of pressure gauge. Make sure that it is fitted properly. You should now clean the lines by strangling the gauge regulator along with cylinder regulator. Once you have made sure that regulators are clean, close them. You then need to open the air conditioner safety cap on the service valve and attach the pressure gauge hose to it. Check if it is lose or not fixed properly. Now slowly and gradually open the regulator of the pressure gauge and strangle cylinder regulator again. Keep checking the pressure and once it maximizes to the pressure appropriate for unit model you can close the cylinder regulator. Now switch on air conditioner and observe whether the cooling has returned back to normal. If the unit hasn?t reached its conventional cooling then go over the process again until you feel the air conditioner recharge is complete. In case of thermostatic expansion valve system or if there is cooling that is exceeding the normal performance you need to repeat the first three steps again. After these steps you need to join the hose of the container having the refrigerant from the compound pressure gauge to suction valve. You will now open compound gauge very slowly while again strangling or shaking cylinder regulator. Pressure that you will be applying should be not more than that of pressure point where refrigerant condenses. Once you are done you can close up the cylinder regulator if the pressure on lower side has been obtained. The last technique for air conditioner recharge is when the air conditioning unit has no moisture in it. This method starts with switching off compressor and connecting the refrigerant hose to central valve while also cleaning the lines at the same time. You can do this if you throttle both the gauge and cylinder regulators. Once you have completed the purging process you can close up the regulators. You will now connect the air conditioning unit?s suction valve to the compound hose. Unlike the previous two scenarios this process of air conditioner recharge will demand the refrigerant from scratch. This means that you will continue with the recharging until the refrigerant requirement is complete. After completing this procedure you will switch on your air conditioner and observe if it is back to its optimal efficiency. Remember that air conditioner is a multipart piece of technology that requires expertise on how the air circulation works or what the ideal pressure markers are. If you feel that it happens to be more technical or is an intricate process, it is recommended that you should hire a professional for air conditioner recharge.

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