Roderick A Groetzinger

Roderick A Groetzinger


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With several decades’ experience in the restaurant and bar business, Roderick A. Groetzinger markets various products and brands in those venues through his company, Cache Promotional Products, which he directs as president. Early in his career, he helped establish a number of adult beverage-related trade magazines and a pioneering industry trade show. Roderick A. Groetzinger has been featured as an expert commentator in P.O.P. Times and has appeared in diverse business-to-business magazines. He has also been featured in general interest publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, and on TV networks, such as CNN.

Mr. Groetzinger’s firm, based in Mooresville, North Carolina, offers on- and off-premises marketing solutions that include the sale promotional kits featured at restaurants. His communications-centered services include graphic design, copywriting, website creation, and printing. Mr. Groetzinger’s guerilla marketing strategies are effective in introducing new brands and products in ways that drive consumer interest and demand. Roderick A. Groetzinger is a longstanding member of the National Restaurant Association and the Licensed Beverage Educational Consortium. He has been invited to give keynote speeches at events of the Council of Hotel/Restaurants Institutional Educators and the National Licensed Beverage Association and the wine and spirits wholesalers of America. 


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