Robert Gagnard

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1100 Camellia Blvd. Suite 201 Lafayette, LA 70508,
United States
United States

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The offices of RR Company of America, LLC co-owner Robert Gagnard can be found at 1100 Camellia Boulevard, Suite 201, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70508, but the many development projects undertaken by RR Company have flourished throughout many Southwestern states in the United States.

In Youngsville, Louisiana, Robert Gagnard and RR Company of America, LLC have been instrumental in the development of Sugar Mill Pond, a community intended to be reminiscent of a happier, more peaceful, and conservative epoch in America. In Sugar Mill Pond, residents and tourists are treated to a break from the urban jungle in favor of a down-home rustic community emblematic of decades during which our ancestors watched their children flourish in healthier, more natural, and easygoing environments. Amenities and conveniences such as an expansive lake site and supermarkets, pharmacies, and healthcare centers are all within walking distance of the community’s charming residential buildings, allowing those in the area to leave their automobiles behind in favor of invigorating strolls around the area.

Such was the intention of Robert Gagnard and his RR Company of America, LLC colleagues when they developed Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville. Every building in Sugar Mill Pond, from the Town Center to the residences, displays the charm and hospitality unique to the Southern United States. Youths receive a superb education at the Ascension Episcopal High School, while adults can choose an occupation at Sugar Mill Pond's many office complexes and retail stores.

Developing an entire community as diverse as Sugar Mill Pond is an achievement, but RR Company of America, LLC's Robert Gagnard and his partners have conceived many affiliate businesses that serve a wide range of needs. Several gas and convenience stores located alongside the interstate were developed by Robert Gagnard and RR Company, as were residential and commercial developments offering townhouses, apartments, and single-family living spaces. Over a dozen states have been populated with state-of-the-art medical facilities, and shopping plazas encompass an eclectic mix of retail stores have taken root in many towns and cities — all thanks to the efforts of RR Company of America, LLC and Robert Gagnard.

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