Robert Gagnard

Real Estate Developer

1100 Camellia Blvd. Suite 201 Lafayette, LA 70508,
United States
United States

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Robert Gagnard, a real estate developer and co-owner of Louisiana-based RR Company of America, commands expertise in redeveloping buildings and areas into prime commercial and residential spaces. With RR Company of America, which is headquartered at 1100 Camellia Boulevard, Suite 201, Lafayette, Louisiana, Robert Gagnard spearheads the development of a wide range of property types. Read about Robert Gagnard’s present and future projects at

In his role at RR Company of America, Robert Gagnard operates as a consultant and principal to the subsidiary Plaza Development, LLC. Robert Gagnard and his colleagues at Plaza Development, LLC work to create high-traffic shopping malls near Walmart Supercenters situated in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Robert Gagnard and the Plaza Development, LLC team collaborate with a variety of retail and service corporations to provide them with rental spaces at reasonable costs. Read more at

Robert Gagnard possesses more than 35 years of direct experience in the Source Plasma industry. With his extensive background in the field, Robert Gagnard works to build quality blood plasma collection centers and medical rental real estate units by using his resources at RR Company of America, LLC. In addition, as the Chair of the Board of Directors of International BioResources, LLC, Robert Gagnard oversees a firm that owns and operates more than 30 plasma collection locations nationwide and has a corporate infrastructure of 1,000 employees. See Robert Gagnard’s professional bio at

Complementing his commercial and medical facility interests, Robert Gagnard is an active developer of private social and health clubs through his affiliate company, City Club at River Ranch. Through City Club of River Ranch, Robert Gagnard commits funds and development guidance to building full-service private clubs complete with social, dining, health, and recreational facilities. As just one example of the type of complex Robert Gagnard works to construct, the City Club at River Ranch features a health club and day spa, tennis facilities, and a year-round pool.

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