Robert DeCurtins

Robert DeCurtins

Founding Attorney

DeCurtins Law Office


About Me

Since 1985, Robert J. DeCurtins has been standing up for the criminally accused. As a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer, he goes the extra mile to exceed his clients’ expectations and secure favorable outcomes on their behalves. He is truly a client-focused, results-oriented legal advocate. Backed by more than 30 years of proven legal experience, Attorney Robert understands the importance of personalized representation. He knows that every client needs a unique defense that will stand up to their charges. Mr. DeCurtins also believes in building client-attorney relationships on communication, honesty, and trust. As a former polygraph examiner and assistant public defender, he has training in the interrogation techniques used by the Dayton Police Department and can use this background insight to strengthen your case. Reach out to Attorney DeCurtins today at (704) 313-1131 to set up a free consultation.

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301 S McDowell St, #801, 
Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 313-1131

Areas of Practice
* Criminal Defense
* DWI Defense
* Assault Charges
* Drug Crimes
* Sex Crimes
* Theft Crimes
* And More…

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About the company

DeCurtins Law Office is a Charlotte based law firm that stands strong for the criminally accused.

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301 S McDowell St, #801,Charlotte, NC 28204
United States