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Robert Daugherty Knowledge Investment Partners

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About Me

As a former managing partner of Knowledge Investment Partners (KIP), Robert Daugherty has facilitated the growth and development of many education-oriented enterprises. He provided expert leadership to a number of KIP’s client companies. Robert Daugherty served as the President and CEO of the the Jack Welch Management Institute, founded by the well-known former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch. Welch named manager of the century by Fortune Magazine. Under Mr. Daugherty's guidance, the Jack Welch Management Institute developed one of online education's most cutting-edge graduate business degrees. Mr. Daugherty stands out as a key contributor to several high-profile KIP clients as well, including Sunburst Technology and Educational Resources, and commands extensive experience in corporate restructuring, both within and outside of the education sector.

Currently an independent advisor and as executive chair of, Robert Daugherty continues to advocate for the distribution and expansion of knowledge. He has helped clients apply new insights resulting from university research, such as data provided by Northwestern University's Institute for Learning Sciences, to a variety of systems and programs that range from student training to new technology licensing. An educator and academic himself, he currently serves as a Fulbright scholar specialist and recently became chairman of, an organization dedicated to helping institutions of higher education achieve their service and educational goals. 


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