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R.Michael Wisner 

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A well-known screenwriter and philanthropist in California, R. Michael Wisner has authored and co-authored numerous novels, including Heaven Is Under Our Feet. In addition to penning novels, he is an accomplished television writer and producer who serves as the leader of True Blue Productions, a company founded by actress Kirstie Alley. R. Michael Wisner also worked with actor Tom Cruise on the Ted Turner cartoon Captain Planet.

Besides working as a screenwriter, R. Michael Wisner operates as an environmentally conscience furniture designer. He has worked with several celebrities, including singer Melissa Etheridge, actress Kelly Preston, and actress Kathy Najimy, to make their homes eco-friendly. He designs furniture pieces inspired by his life in California.

Inspired by his many trips around the world, where he witnessed first-hand vast numbers of human rights violations, R. Michael Wisner is as an active member of Artists for Human Rights. 

For more information, see www.rmichaelwisner.com.


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