Rick Dale Anderson

Rick Dale Anderson

Experienced Medical Device Executive

PTV Sciences


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Continuing a nearly three-decade-long career in the medical device industry, Rick Dale Anderson serves as managing director of PVT Sciences. With the Austin, Texas, firm since 2008, he oversees a $400 million fund for investment in small, promising healthcare companies. In one such investment into IDEV Technologies, Rick Dale Anderson performed as chairman of the board for the company before it was purchased by Abbott Laboratories for $310 million.

After retiring as a captain in the United States Army, Anderson entered the medical field as manager of sales training for Allergan Pharmaceuticals. Subsequently, he became a product director for Boehringer Mannheim Pharmaceuticals and launched a drug that reached $100 million in sales. Following a term as vice president of marketing at start-up Racal Healthcare, which over the course of a single year he grew into a $25 million enterprise that 3M went on to buy for $50 million, the experienced executive assumed responsibilities as worldwide franchise vice president for Centocor, Inc. There, he oversaw its cardiovascular and immunology business units.

After Johnson & Johnson purchased Centocor, Rick Dale Anderson remained with the conglomerate as company group chairman and worldwide chairman of its Cordis Corporation subsidiary. During his tenure with Cordis, he played an integral role in bringing CYPHER, the first ever drug-eluting stent, to market. He spent a decade with Johnson & Johnson before accepting his current position.


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