Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

Real Estate Broker

Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc.


About Me

Ever since he joined the profession and became a realtor, Richard Sherman recognized the importance of not only delivering a quality service but also of giving oneself heart and soul to the satisfaction of the client. So, when he launched his own real estate boutique with other realty sensation Darren Slavens, he made those two goals the cornerstones that would guide the daily management of the company.

In less than 10 years, thanks to those guidelines and a work ethic unlike any other, Richard brought the Slavens team to the top. One of the factors behind this success is Richard's close involvement (together with other business associates) in the training and evolution of the new staff to instill his passion and love for a job well done in them. Today, with more than 60 collaborators and a renowned reputation, Richard's creation has established itself as one of Toronto's finest brokerages.

Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc.
435 Eglinton Ave West
Toronto, ON M5N 1A4, Canada
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