Richard Rust Indianapolis

Richard Rust Indianapolis


Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC

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Indiana resident Dr. Richard Rust practices medicine at Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC, in Indianapolis. As a staff anesthesiologist and partner at the private firm, the doctor maintains close ties with St. Vincent’s Hospital, at which the practice provides its services. Through the hospital, Dr. Richard Rust is able to administer anesthesia to patients in Indianapolis, Camel, and Fisher. The doctor has experience in cardiac surgery, chronic pain management, and pediatric care, among other medical areas that require anesthesia services.

Four years prior to joining the private practice, Dr. Rust was employed at Riverview Anesthesiologists, PC. Maintaining similar roles of staff anesthesiologist and firm partner, the doctor worked in conjunction with the Riverview Hospital, which services Hamilton County.

Dr. Rust is an alumnus of Ball State University and Indiana University. He possesses a doctor of medicine from the latter institution. In his spare time, the doctor enjoys reading the Mitch Rapp series of books by Vince Flynn. Additionally, he maintains a healthy lifestyle by lifting weights and doing cardiovascular activities.


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