Richard Loeffler

Richard Loeffler


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Possessing nearly 30 years of experience in the financial services and mortgage industries, Richard Loeffler is the owner of RSL Advisory Services, LLC. As the owner of the private consulting firm, Mr. Loeffler focuses on acquiring and advising clients with distressed mortgages. He provides analysis of their financial portfolios, then formulates corresponding strategies for resolving their outstanding debt. In cases where a distressed borrower is engaged in litigation associated with his or her mortgage, Richard Loeffler is qualified to offer authoritative testimony in support of his clients. Richard Loeffler offers counsel to his clients informed by knowledge and experience accrued through decades of work in the mortgage industry, much of it in an executive capacity.

Previously, Richard Loeffler served in roles such as COO at Roslyn National Mortgage Corporation, chief administrative officer at American Home Mortgage Corporation, COO at Prospect Mortgage, LLC, and, most recently, COO at Recovco Mortgage Management, LLC. Serving at the executive level in the industry, he has successfully carried out duties as complex as directing the integration of retail mortgage divisions of newly acquired firms within the existing operational protocols of the acquiring company. 


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