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Rhys Davies
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Rhys Davies


United Kingdom

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About Rhys Davies

Hello and welcome to my profile here on lookuppage.


I’m sure you have come to this page after clicking on an ad or a link in an email. The purpose of this page is to give you information on how to use all the tools you will need to make some extra money online with no cost to you. All of the sites are 100% FREE, It’s just a matter of putting in some time to build with the 28 sites below, and viewing a few ads for 30 seconds.

I’m not here just to show you the sites below and get you to sign up. I’m here to show you that money can be made online by using a these and how to do it, I’m going to be here every step of the way to show you how to use the site efficiently and responsibly. My Skype user name is readers_choice so feel free to ad me and chat to me any time I’m online. I don’t really use the phone function very much, using the chat function enables me to speak to more people at once. My email address is right.on.media@gmail.com

I might as well say this now and get it out of the way; this is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time to build a list of likeminded people who want to earn money online. If you have some time and patience and want to use it to make money you can do so very easily. If you continue to follow the advice given, over time this could easily become someone’s main source of income, but remember these things don’t happen overnight, and if you’re expecting to be earning $1000 a month within the next couple of weeks forget about it. Don’t forget this is all free, if you had loads of money to invest in advertising then it could grow to $1000 a month very fast and I can show you how to do that, but the whole idea of this, is to generate an income with no initial investment. I must confess site 25 costs $3 and site 26 costs $5, but I will pay this for you, for more information on this please email me.

A good Friend of mine always quotes "Give freely without expecting anything in return and the dividends will amaze you!" And that is want I want to do here.
I’m going to list all the sites that you can get paid to view ads on, and other sites that you can use to promote these sites known as list builders below.

Once you have joined the sites below I will show you how to use them and how to advertise them, I will also set you up with your own site that you can promote with your referral links for free.

I will shortly be setting up training videos for everyone to use to help build their team and income, you will be free to use/show these videos to anyone you want to help train them and make your lives a bit easier.

There are two types of sites that you can use to make this work for you, paid to read sites and list building sites. The paid to reads sites pay you for clicking on/viewing ads, they also pay you for ads viewed by people you refer to the site. The list building sites do the same things, pay you for viewing ads, but they also help you build lists that you can promote other programs such as your paid to read sites or any program you promote.


First of all you will need to sign up for a payment site, 90% of these sites use Alertpay, you can sign up via this link http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137116




Site 01 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137125

Site 02 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140935

Site 03 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137252

Site 04 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137256

Site 05 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137257

Site 06 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137255

Site 07 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140356

Site 08 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?139264

Site 09 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137122

Site 10 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137251

Site 11 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?137260


Site 12 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?142700





Site 12 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141418


Site 13 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140567


Site 14 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141422

Site 15 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141412


Site 16 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141408

Site 17 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140970

Site 18 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140997


Site 19 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?142110 

Site 20 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140999

Site 21 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141393

Site 22 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140995

Site 23 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141404

Site 24 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141314

Site 25 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141312

Site 26 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?139294  This site costs $3, but I will pay this so you can join, please email me for the details

Site 27 http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?141399  This site costs $5, but I will pay this so you can join, please email me for the details

If you need any more information before joining these sites please feel free to Skype me or email me, but please remember to email me as soon as you have signed up to these sites so I can help you, there is no point going it alone.

I hope to hear from you all, I’m willing to help anyone and set them up with a free website.

Rhys Davies.

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