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Rhino Shield    

Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield

1002 Rawlings Drive, San Jose, California, 95136,
United States

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Paint chips. Rhino Shield does not. Paint cracks. Rhino Shield does not. Paint peels. Rhino Shield does not.


Rhino Shield is not paint. Instead, it is a ceramic coating system. Studies show that the product, once applied, never needs to be re-applied. It bonds to wood, brick, aluminum, and stucco, and comes in the same colors as traditional paint. Working with local contractors, the manufacturer of Rhino Shield offers customers a lifetime warranty.


As a ceramic coating, Rhino Shield resists fading caused by exposure to the sun and other elements. The product actually reflects more than 90% of the sun’s rays, which means that any fading will be nearly unnoticeable. The product is also waterproof and able to withstand high winds and rain without developing mildew or other corrosion. This helps save on energy costs over time as well.


The technology behind Rhino Shield developed out of the space program in the 1960s. Seeking to protect its rockets from the elements, NASA turned to the ceramic microsphere technology found in Rhino Shield. The space agency found this technology to be both attractive and resilient. Buildings coated with Rhino Shield 40 years ago retain their original appearance today.


Today, Rhino Shield occupies the leading spot in the marketplace for this technology. The manufacturer continually tests the product to ensure it stands up to its claims. In addition, the national office works only with local contractors who have been specifically chosen to provide the product in their local markets. This ensures that customers gain the benefit of working with someone who knows the area and has access to the resources of a national operation.


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