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Retriever Powered by NPC

Retriever Powered by NPC offers electronic payment processing

Retriever Powered by NPC


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Constantly upgrading its equipment and services, Retriever Powered by NPC stays abreast of developing technology and trends in the payment processing industry to help keep its clients up-to-date and capable of accepting payments from customers in any of a wide range of contemporary options. Never before have consumers had access to such a broad array of payment methods, from paper checks, debit, and credit cards presented at the point of purchase, the Internet, over the phone, or by mail. Some merchants have lost sales because they were limited in their ability to accept certain payments; Retriever Powered by NPC makes such lost revenue a thing of the past.


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Retriever Powered by NPC - Summary:   Retriever Powered by NPC provides merchant payment processing services to more than 240,000 small-to-medium-sized businesses in the United States. In an ongoing effort to provide customized solutions in payment processing, Retriever Powered by NPC offers merchants a wide assortment of equipment, software, and web-based payment processing solutions, including check readers, check imagers, card readers, and both contactless and wireless terminals. A wide array of peripherals includes PC, Macintosh, and terminal-compatible tools. Partnering with manufacturers of the latest electronic transaction technology, Retriever Powered by NPC supports merchants in retail, food service, and lodging, including those who require wireless or PC-based solutions. Wireless solutions allow merchants to accept payment anywhere and at any time and are a good choice when traditional, wired point-of-sale (POS) devices

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