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The only company in the United States specializing in the placement of medical graduates with reputable residency programs, Residents Medical Group helps its clients navigate the increasingly complex and crowded process involved in finding a proper residency. Annually, many thousands of medical students graduate from universities around the world, adding greatly to the throngs of applications received by the most desirable programs, those accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. 

Furthermore, Residents Medical Group works with medical institutions to find the best candidates available to serve their needs, meaning the company has worked from the perspective of both the resident and the residency program, which no doubt helps maintain its 99.9% success rate. 

Residents Medical Group furnishes the above solutions for both American and international clients. Additionally, the company keeps close ties with programs amenable to graduates hailing from foreign countries. The quality of Residents Medical Group’s domestic and international services mirrors the quality of its past and present leadership. 

Dr. Edwin Everest, founder of the company, used his experience as medical professional and businessman to nurture the enterprise into its current position. Passing in 2008, Dr. Everest continues to positively affect people’s lives through the Edwin Everest Foundation, a nonprofit group for the promotion of medical research. His son, Dr. Arnold Michael Everest, took on the leadership of the company after his father’s passing, adding his own entrepreneurial spirit to the advancement of business goals. 

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