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Replication Medical    

Replication Medical


7 Clarke Dr., Cranbury, New Jersey, 08512, United States

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About Replication Medical

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, Replication Medical is a research company that focuses on the treatment of diseases of the spine using hydrogel innovations. Replication Medical’s proprietary hydrogel solutions are specifically designed to capitalize on the water absorbency of the material’s polymer structure without the deficiencies of being water-soluble. 

Using this unique technology, Replication Medical has designed a series of implants that are biomimetic, have extreme resiliency under compression, and significant shape memory. In addition, unlike current synthetic products now available, these products pose little to no risk of further damaging neighboring spinal bone or tissue structures. For example, the GelFix™ Interspinous Spacer is implanted between portions of the spinous process to provide a barrier against painful compression of the spinal cord and exiting nerves The minimally invasive surgical implantation is achieved by the small initial size of the implant. Replication Medical developed its series of implants to absorb native water from inside the patient’s body and expand to full size after successful placement along the spine. 

GelStix™ Nucleus Augmentation is another solution introduced to treat aging spine conditions. These implants, which are smaller in size than a matchstick, are inserted in the intradiscal space of the spine with a spinal needle. Once in place, GelStix™ expand in size nearly ten-fold as they soak up water and re-pressurize and rehydrate the disc. The result is pain relief and a return of flexibility and mobility to the distressed area. 

Replication Medical’s other hydrogel-based products include EnGuard™ and GelGuard, which are malleable sheets placed to protect anterior vessels, and posterior nerves respectively. Many of the company’s products are available only outside of the United States, but the Company has received substantial grants by the U.S. government to continue clinical trials and research.

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