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redick penafiel

The Anxiety of Having My Laptop Repaired


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It started with an occasional flicker. Then it became more frequent. After a few more days, it was a total blackout. Do I sing a requiem for my laptop LCD or is it just in a state of coma waiting to be revived. Considering that it is one of the more expensive components of my laptop, I am inclined to have my laptop LCD repaired.


I hooked-up my laptop to an external monitor and tried all the functions. They all worked. All indications point to a defective LCD. Can it be repaired or is a replacement necessary? I am aware that do-it-yourself repairs can be done. But I feel that I lack the technical knowhow or the guts to pry open my all-important and expensive laptop. If it becomes totally inoperable, my work will be crippled. I just cannot take the risk. So it was off to the laptop repair shop for me.


In the laptop repair shop, I was informed that they charge a diagnostic fee, which will be deducted from the total repair cost should I decide to push through with the fix. Unfortunately, unless they do a thorough check-up of my unit, we will not know the extent of the damage, the total amount I’d have to shell out to get my laptop up and running, and how long the procedure will take. Since it’s crucial to get my laptop operational hence my laptop LCD repaired, I agreed with the conditions.


After 15 minutes or so of anxiety, the technician was able to open up the LCD portion of my unit. Close inspection revealed that the connector linking the wire from the power supply to the corresponding wire leading to the LCD backlight was loose. Upon tightening it, the LCD sprung up to life. We observed the laptop for almost an hour at the same time testing its other functions. Everything was back to normal. In order to prevent the same occurrence, the technician taped the wires (including the connector) onto the LCD housing. I thought it was a good idea except that he used ordinary packaging tape. Wouldn’t electric tape or butyl tape be better?


Anyway. . .It has been months since then. Needless to say, my laptop lcd repair was a success. But I do not want to reminisce on the anxiety I felt during that time. More so I would rather forget the way my wallet was left empty after paying the repair bill.

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