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2000, Australia

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When it comes to looking for real estate, a little freedom in your search might be all that you'll will need in order to discover your perfect residence. 

For me personally, my experience includes being a renter, a property owner as well as investor, and every occasion I've had distinct prerequisites, yet I am forced to start my real estate search the same : entering suburbs or regions. And after that I've got to drill down through each of them, read all the information, cross check the address with a map and often find out distance to an alternative key point of interest. A relatively cumbersome process, that is certainly all good if you love searching through neat pictures of houses, although quite often you just need answers. 

When I needed an apartment to rent, at a period when I relied on public transportation to move me to the office and the gym, it absolutely was essential that I resided an easy walk to a bus or train stop. Once more, cross-checking addresses and street maps, searching for phrases like "close to transport". I can easily see a train station and the main road of my bus route on a map - therefore we implemented the "Draw My Search", an ingenious option to promptly search all properties inside a shape you can draw yourself, near the transport you'll need. 

When I was looking for a house to buy I had great plans of renovating a home, maybe selling it to make a good return, or maybe boosting the value and broadening my portfolio. Not to mention trying to keep an eye out for a good deal, something "reduced", or just the thing for a "first home owner". Because I was in the market for a fixer upper, anything referring to the words "renovated" was not of much use in my position. Something more for instance "worst home, best street" came to mind. Why was this so difficult? I could, in an all-of-the-web search engine, but it would probably take a long time to browse through all the unique web sites, if they were ranking at all. It would really only be worthwhile if I could browse all listings in one place. 

While I was researching an investment property, it basically did not make much difference what suburb I was making an investment in. But unfortunately I was pushed to start out my real estate search with a location in any case. A substantial or a strong rent return was best, and also I imagine to many investors additional key development initiatives in the area may very well be useful information, and even attaining an outline of what other properties were for sale in the encompassing area. 

I've had people argue for a very long time over exactly where they have to live that is fundamental to the key places of interest that form their day to day lives. Mother works in one particular suburb, Dad works in the other direction, one son or daughter has school in this particular suburb but the youngest has childcare in another. Unless you want to be spending too much time in traffic on a daily basis, it may save your peace of mind (and your petrol bills) to discover a home central or maybe on route to your most regular destinations. Therefore you start with a map. And you just draw your own boundaries! 

It's time to acknowledge that real estate search is a different experience for everyone. Whatever your desires, an open, flexible and quite easily customisable search is what will hook you up with your ultimate property. Take control of your search. 

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