Raj Prabhakar

Raj Prabhakar

Executive Director

Celsion Corporation, Oncology, Biotechnology


About Me

Raj Prabhakar holds two Bachelor's degrees from MIT, as well as an MBA from Harvard University. His education in biology, mechanical engineering, and business, as well as internships with venture capitalist and technology companies, helped Prabhakar prepare for a career in the biomedical industry. While at MIT, Raj Prabhakar completed a research thesis in biomaterials and tissue engineering, focusing on the mechanisms of titanium implants.

Raj Prabhakar presently serves as Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development with Celsion Corporation. Celsion is a drug production company focusing on various cancer indications. Prabhakar leads the commercialization of Celsion's primary liver cancer drug candidate. His role involves project management and business development, operating out of the US, as well as Asia in setting up clinical trials. Raj Prabhakar reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for upholding invaluable overseas partnerships.

Throughout his career, Raj Prabhakar has been an asset to many medical firms, particularly in the departments dedicated to company growth and strategy. In 2002, Prabhakar worked as Assistant to the CEO at Osiris Therapeutics, a stem cell and regenerative medicine company. Before joining Celsion in 2004, Prabhakar also served as Director of Corporate Development of Protiveris, a nanotechnology organization.


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