Rajneesh Kumar

Rajneesh Kumar

Online Business Marketing

FATbit Technologies


About Me

Rajneesh acts as Senior Digital Marketing Expert in FATbit Technologies. He works in a globally reputed company and takes care of all major projects. His job is to deliver best advice regarding web design & development to make a project successful. He works on a project from the first phase where clients are involved for defining requirements and manages it until final product is delivered.

He is one of the internet Marketing Managers that FATbit assigns for each of their projects to ensure promised results. Rajneesh belongs to a circle of Digital Experts from FATbit and all of them specialize in their individual fields of Web Marketing. His team brainstorms ideas before the company creates a website & one of them is assigned as dedicated in-charge of client’s website. Such brainstorming sessions continue even after; till a project is complete.

Role & Responsibilities:

His role in FATbit basically involves ensuring growth at every stage of website development. It includes:

- Checking if the web design serves business purpose & meets the set goals.
- Planning design & wireframes with Designers according to online marketing trends.
- Making sure that the website includes all needed features to survive competition.

Business Qualification

He has bachelor degree in marketing & 2 years’ experience in SEO & PPC.

He has worked on Ecommerce projects too for 3 years.

Rajneesh is an avid reader and so has strong command over digital marketingconcepts. Most of his professional experience is gained at FATbit, where he gotthe opportunity to work on different projects. FATbit focuses on users while making a website. The foremost aim is to follow Google analytics & the team also thinks of quality instead of numbers. So, Rajneesh believes in making personalized strategies for every website that he works on.


About the company

FATbit Technologies is a web services brand that started operations in 2004 and quickly earned recognition for web design, development and marketing related services. Working from two offices, it has more than 60 web professionals working on global design development projects. Professionalism and timely delivery has helped the company in earning 200 regular clients that generate a steady revenue source. With more than 2000 web projects to its credit, FATbit has also made its presence felt in the field of business solutions. It has developed BIZixx, a feature-rich project management system; FATshoppe, an advanced ecommerce system and various other web solutions. Contact FATbit experts to discuss your project.  

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