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Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under 800 2016 Serious Gamers Probably Don’t Know

If you think that it takes you a very long time until you have your own gaming laptop as the device is pricey, the fact is, there are best budget gaming laptops under 800 2016 will excite you like the newest game which you recently played. Low price is not that tempting for a gaming laptop with poor performance. Before you wrongly pick your gaming device, pay close attention to the graphics settings. The higher is the better, even so, you already feel content with a medium graphics settings. And either you are serious gamers or occasional gamers, a powerful gaming laptop is essential.

Speak of best budget gaming laptops under 800 2016, Asus K501UX 15” is a noteable gaming laptop below 800 with great performance. A house for 6th generation Skylake processor, the gaming session has no hassle. Adequate screen size like 15.6 inch is not as sole thing why gamers have to consider this one. The screen is eye-friendly, thus you can play to your heart’s content without damaging your eyes. GTX 950 by NVIDIA and 8GB of RAM, Asus K501UX is not a loser even against high end gaming laptop that is more expensive. The actual price for this gaming laptop is $789.99.

If the aforesaid price for a gaming laptop is still high for you, switch your option to Dell Inspiron 17.3” that costs you only $744.86. Surely, the reason why Dell Inspiron is under best budget gaming laptops under 800 2016 is not only because of the cheap price, but also its reliable performance. Bigger screen and latest technology for its processor, Skylake series, you have no complain spending hours for your gaming time with Dell Inspiron. Make Dell Inspiron better option, integrated 8GB of RAM Memory and battery backs up that last for 5 hours, you can enjoy your gaming session outdoor without any distractions.

Determine Lenovo IdeaPad 700 for best budget gaming laptops under 800 2016, you may think that it’s impossible. But guess, it is the opposite, for the laptop that costs you $700.00. Lenovo IdeaPad provides you with its best arsenal for top notch quality of gaming experience. The powerhouse offers Core i5 processor with clock speed that reaches 2GHz. The NVIDIA GTX 950M, you have all of the benefits of high performance gaming laptop, portability and quality. Yearn for a gaming laptop with multitasking feature. Lenovo IdeaPad is probably that you need.


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