Rabbi Simcha Weinberg

Rabbi Simcha Weinberg

Vice President /Legal Strategies

IDT Corporation

About Me

From 2000 to 2008, Rabbi Simcha Weinberg held a variety of roles at IDT Corporation in Newark, New Jersey, including vice president of legal strategies, vice president of business development, executive director of Genie/TV.TV, and founder and dean of the IDT Center for Torah & Technology. Rabbi Simcha Weinberg has also served as rabbi of a number of congregations over the years. For instance, he was the senior rabbi at Lincoln Square Synagogue in New York City, where he led a congregation of 5,000 members in addition to fulfilling other duties.

Prior to taking on these roles, Rabbi Weinberg underwent training at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, Maryland. From the institution, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Talmudic law, as well as the highest possible rabbinic ordination level. He ultimately completed his doctor of Talmudic law in 2004.

He has been called upon to address schools and synagogues in different parts of the world as a keynote speaker. Furthermore, he has championed youth programs and served as a spiritual counselor.


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