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QuoteActions keeps your prospects
and customers warm & ready to buy 

34700 Pacific Coast Highway #202, Capistrano Beach, California,
92624, United States

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About QuoteActions


Your All-Purpose Visibility Tool

Now you can stay on your customers' and prospects' radar!
When the timing is right, they'll think of you, refer you AND buy from you.

QuoteActions is a new, easy, automated way to stay in front of your customers. You make the call on the frequency. You have a choice of sending your personalized QuoteActions one day, two days or seven days a week. The content is provided and automatically sent out to your opt-in contacts. Be sure to read the below testimonials!

As a unique "permission-based" email marketing system, QuoteActions is designed for small business owners who do not have the time, staff or money to create content and regularly stay in touch with their customers or prospects.

What does a text-based email QuoteAction look like?

Dear Customer or Prospect Name,
Here's your QuoteAction of the day:

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
Newspaper and Radio Commentator, Walter Winchell

Your action for today is to contact a friend with whom you haven't recently been in touch.

Have an extraordinary day!

Your Name Here
Your Company Name Here
Your Tag Line or Slogan Here
www.YourWebsite.com Here
your@email.com Here

Let QuoteActions create and reinforce your visibility!

Read some subscribers' comments . . .

"I love the quotes! I read them daily and forward them to friends."

"Thank you for the food for thought each day."

"I find your QuoteActions enjoyable and uplifting."

"These messages are very valuable and excellent PR for you."

"I see your name every day in a positive light."

"I open each and every one of them, and when I do I think of you."

Why choose QuoteActions over OR in addition to an online newsletter?
> It's easy to set up. You're up and running in less than 30 minutes
> There's no need for you to do anything. Your personalized QuoteActions are automated and keep going like the Eveready Bunny delivering your goodwill
> You can send from 1 to 1,000 at the same low price
> When your contacts see your contact information, tagline and website, it increases your visibility ten-fold.

How do you invite your contacts to receive your QuoteActions?
You'll have your own custom QuoteActions subscriber link. Invite your contacts in a variety of ways: via an email text message including the link; put the link in your email signature line; add the link with "Subscribe to My QuoteActions" copy on your website. Any place you can post a link, you can invite new subscribers. Our sponsors find this benefit very exciting--capturing new leads and prospects every day!

Click here to get started with QuoteActions.

Still not convinced?
Read some QuoteActions sponsors' comments . . .

"This Contact Relationship Management system has exceeded my expectations."
Jacqueline Heising
Personal Banker

"This is a fabulous email marketing tool at a price that everyone can afford."
Sue Almon-Pesch, CME
Marketing & PR Consultant

"I was surprised at how old clients started working out again after getting my QuoteActions."
Brian Blacher
Fitness Gym Owner

"This system takes hardly any time to start and takes no time to maintain."
John Zeiter
Real Estate Consultant

"It's great to know that clients are not only seeing my name, but they are enjoying the messages."
Carroll Strauss
Divorce Attorney

"The one-time set up was easy and fast.
Jeanne Mann

Let's get visible!

Think of the money and customers you may be losing by not staying on their radar.

There's absolutely no risk because of our 60-day Money Back Guarantee!

Stay in touch with your customers and prospects before someone else does!

Click here to find out more about QuoteActions and take a two-week trial



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