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Product Assortment Solutions LLC designs cutting-edge glide and software planning solutions for clients in the cold beverage retail marketing area. The company's success is largely a result of its management team, which has more than a century of combined business experience. The chief executive officer of Product Assortment Solutions LLC, Jerry Merritt, has a diverse background in health care and technology, while vice president Keith McGovern has more than 30 years of sales and marketing expertise in the cold beverage industry. By leveraging its deep expertise in strategy and customer service, the firm intends to transform the market with its groundbreaking solutions. Product Assortment Solutions LLC sells two principal products: the OptiGLIDE and the OPTIMIZER software. The OPTIMIZER allows users to generate planograms tailored to a particular retail space. In addition to planograms, the OPTIMIZER helps customers integrate different facts of their businesses, such as merchandis

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