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Established almost 40 years ago as a one-man operation, Powell Electric Corporation has expanded into a trusted provider of electrical services for all of Southern California. Based out of Los Angeles, Powell Electric provides a range of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work, including indoor and outdoor lighting, telephone systems, gate controls, air conditioning, entertainment systems, home automation and power systems. Approaching safety as a principal concern, Powell Electric also handles electrical and safety inspections, child proofing, and safety systems. Powell Electric makes itself available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week for emergency repairs, including power restorations. Upon entering each client’s home, Powell Electric’s Master Electrical Technicians both address current problems and scan for potential future problems to avoid further damage or serious issues. Powell Electric’s customers are also thoroughly educated about their home electrical systems so that they can feel comfortable that all issues are resolved and that their systems are safe when Powell Electric has finished its services.


Every year, Powell Electric donates to World Animal Rescue, which works to find compatible homes for rescued animals. Powell Electric also organizes an annual food drive during the holiday season that because of the recent economic downtown has now been made a year-round effort. With more people in need of the assistance of food banks than ever before, Powell Electric is committed to helping its community at every opportunity and thus does not only collect donations during service calls, but at any time. Anyone who wishes to schedule a pick-up for the food drive can do so by calling the Powell Electric office at (800) 660-8076.



Powell Electric: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)



Always concerned with family and client safety, and especially with child safety, Powell Electric is experienced in the installation of ground fault circuit interrupters. A GFCI prevents electrocutions, burns, and fires by detecting group faults and interrupting the flow of electric current. A GFCI monitors electricity flowing into a circuit and senses the loss of current. If the current flow through the circuit differs by a small amount from the current that returns, the GFCI removes power from the circuiting. Acting very quickly, a GFCI will prevent lethal doses of electricity and, although a painful shock may be experienced, serious shock injuries and electrocution are avoided. For example, if a bare wire in an appliance touches the metal case, the case is charged with electricity. If someone should touch the appliance with one hand and a grounded metal object with another, he or should would be shocked. If the outlet providing power to the appliance were protected by a GFCI, the power would be removed before any fatal shock could occur. There are two primary types of GFCI available for home use: receptacle and circuit breaker. A receptacle GFCI replaces the standard duplex receptacle found in homes, fitting into the standard outlet box. This type protects families against ground faults whenever an electrical product is plugged into the outlet and can be installed to protect other outlets farther down the flow of electrical current in the branch circuit. A circuit breaker GFCI is used in homes with circuit breakers rather than fuses. The circuit breaker GFCI is installed in the panel box and provides protection to select circuits. This GFCI both shuts off electricity in the event of a ground fault and also trips when a short circuit or overload occurs.

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