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About Me

Welcome to Pomarri, the first outpatient social detox and counseling center in Utah. My name is Tara Gleave, and I am the founder of Pomarri. I am a registered nurse of 16 years, and my career has taken me on some exciting adventures, all of which have been amazing and very rewarding .

At Pomarri, the vision is bright. To help all those seeking sobriety….seeking freedom from substance abuse and the tangled webs it produces in their lives. We extend complete openness, and invite you and your family to come and join us. Our goal at Pomarri is to provide our clients with Coping Skills necessary to build a life that is stable while they retain their job, family, privacy and dignity. Statistics have proven that longer treatment, along with medication management and follow up, yield better long term sobriety rates. We are finding this to be true at Pomarri, and it is very exciting!


About the company

At Pomarri we understand the cycle of addiction. We also understand that the cycle can be interrupted and stopped. We will assist each individual through the process of regaining the life awaiting them. Life full of peace, Hope and Great potential . We are here to help build a solid foundation, to celebrate every success. We can help addiction became a memory in the past- so our clients can confidently step forward into their future. At Pomarri drug rehab in utah we are committed to assisting each client find the reason and strength to CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOR GOOD. Visit our Pomarri Drug rehab center to get more information about us. 

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