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Phillip Thomas Tucker Ph.D.

Renowned American Historian
Department of Defense

United States

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About Phillip Thomas Tucker

In his important and groundbreaking 2010 book, Exodus from the Alamo: The Anatomy of the Last Stand Myth, Phillip Thomas Tucker makes use of many new, rare, and unpublished sources to uncover the truth behind the Battle of the Alamo. Rather than disregarding the accounts of the story told by eyewitness Mexican soldiers, Phillip Thomas Tucker has taken their perspectives into consideration and emerged with a unique view of how the events unfolded. As the title suggests, the writer proposes the Alamo was not a last stand, but a rather low-scale skirmish from which many of the defenders, with the idea to live and fight another day, fled when all hope for successful resistance was gone, and were then killed outside the Alamo. A number of the facts uncovered in the book are presented for the first time, at last coming to light after years of mythologizing the battle.

A Ph.D. recipient from Saint Louis University and a longtime career military historian at the U.S. Department of Defense in Washington, D.C., Phillip Thomas Tucker has written copiously on the histories of Irish, African-American, Texan, and Revolutionary War-era citizens. He also has won awards for his work on Southern history. Over his career, Mr. Tucker has published nearly 25 books, with some 25 more in manuscript form. 

Phillip Thomas Tucker’s passion for history and unraveling the truths of events that have been obscured over time often takes him to research libraries, archives, and private collections across the United States. He also devotes his time to a great deal of personal research, documenting letters and diaries previously unknown to historians. Some of Phillip Thomas Tucker’s books include Storming Little Round Top, which investigates the actions of the 15th Alabama at Gettysburg; Burnside’s Brigade, which focuses on the battle for the bridge at Antietam; and The Final Fury, which concerns the last battle of the Civil War, Palmito Ranch.

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