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Peter Stewart


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Whether you need zone barriers or delineator or econo barriers of highest quality. Look no further as Centurion Barrier Systems is here to help you. We are known for our fastest delivery, quality, range of products, and prices. We offer various types of barriers of the best quality including construction barriers, traffic barriers, delineators, parking barriers, road barriers and so on. Our barriers are perfect for your every purpose. We deals exclusively in barriers, so for whatever purpose you need a barrier, we are a one stop place for your entire barrier needs. So, don’t wait anymore and get a quote for your barrier needs now.

Our Products include :

- Zone Barriers
- Delineator Barriers
- Stackable Barriers
- Airport Barriers

Get more information here:

1300 729 884
P.O. Box 5021, Kenmore,4069 Queensland, Australia


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1300 729 884


P.O. Box 5021, Kenmore,4069 Queensland, Australia