Performing Dance Arts

Performing Dance Arts

Performin g Dance Arts in Vaughan


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Dance training for kids builds their confidence & social skills along with good posture, fitness and flexibility. It is a type of exercise in the form of entertainment to them. Just like schools offer education and wisdom to children, different dance forms teach them culture as well as expertise in that art. We have fully equipped dance studios and expert teachers for different dance forms. We make sure our students feel a sense of belonging here. We take our job seriously and dancing is our passion. It is the latest way to build your child’s personality and engage his mind in a creative art.


About the company

We have full time as well as part time competitive dance programs and recreational ones too. The competitive dance programs offer training in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, etc. whereas a recreational program is meant for enjoyment alone. Nevertheless, our recreational programs are often an eye opener for the kid or the parents to gauge whether they wish to pursue dancing more seriously for making a career in it.

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331 Cityview Blvd.Unit #2, Vaughan, ON,