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Patrick Sitkins

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A respected digital marketing executive, Patrick Sitkins has co-authored Brand Aid – It’s Personal! with Larry G. Linne. The book focuses on entrepreneurial strategies for creating and managing a unified personal brand. Featuring illustrations and stories that underline key points, the volume explores elements that can damage brands at all individual and corporate levels. Patrick Sitkins also discusses effective ways of integrating social media and online marketing approaches.

Professionally, Patrick Sitkins holds a key business development role with SiliconCloud, a next-generation digital marketing firm. Partnering with small-to-mid-sized businesses, he and his team emphasize a coordinated approach to maximizing search engine visibility and utilizing websites and multimedia to drive traffic and revenue. Clients span a diversity of industries, including hospitality, insurance, and technology. 

Mr. Sitkins holds a degree in marketing from Jacksonville University and has extensive experience providing advisory services to independent insurance brokerages and agencies. He enjoys a number of outdoor activities in his free time, including mountain biking and triathlon competitions.


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